Funding for International Conference

Funding for International Conference

Full-time NCU students

🙆‍♀️ MA, Ph.D.

🔺 You need to be full-time students during applying and attending the conference

🔺 Each applicant can only be subsidized ONCE in the same fiscal year

✈ Round-Trip Airfare

👩‍💼  Registration Fee

🔺 The total subsidy depends on NSTC's announcement

 📑 Acceptance letter from the conference

 📑 The abstract of the paper

 📑 Recommendation letter

 📑 Other supporting documents  (e.g. the full text of the paper)

🔺 Provide your round-way tickets, how you pay for the tickets (either the credit card statement or the receipt from the travel agency), the registration record, and how you pay for the registration (credit card statement).

1⃣ Submit all the required documents to NSTC Website( )

⛔ 2 MONTHS before your conference!

⛔ IF you did not have an NSTC account, please create one FIRST!

⛔ Apply online ONLY (DON'T have to submit hardcopy to OIA)

2⃣ OIA will send out the applications on the first workday of the month

3⃣ NSTC will send the result to your department

4⃣ Before going abroad, please submit your "NCUOIA Go Abroad System"

💥 OIA Go Abroad System—Notices, Procedure, and Website 💥

5⃣ Submit your report on the NSTC system

⛔ Within 15 DAYS after your conference

6⃣ Provide your round-way tickets, registration fee receipt, how you pay for those (either the credit card statement or the receipt), and the "NCUOIA Go Abroad Application Form" to your department assistant to help you do the reimbursement in NCU

7⃣ Accounting Office will provide the form to OIA, and then OIA will send out your report to NSTC

⛔ May take more than 4 weeks due to the receipts you provide to your department assistant.