Dormitory Regulation


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7.      2016 Semester Summer Temporary Dormitory Accommodation Application for New Postgraduate Students


8.      2016 Academic Year Dormitory Accommodation Application for Old Postgraduate Students


  • Cooking with fire, burning materials, having barbecue, setting off fireworks, stealing power with private electric wires, and storing materials that endanger the public safety are forbidden in the dormitories.

  • Monopolizing one whole room, trading or selling rooms or beds, occupying other boarders’ rooms or beds, and refusing roommates’ moving in the rooms are forbidden.

  • Accommodating guests in the dormitories from 23:00 PM to 7:00 AM is forbidden

  • Drinking alcohol, gambling, fighting, smoking, eating betel nuts, playing mahjong, using illegal drugs, or all other behaviors that hinder the safety and peace of the dormitories are forbidden in the dormitories.

  • Desk lamps, hair dryers, fans, radios, electric razors, computers and other electric appliances approved by NCU administration are allowed for the boarders to use. Other appliances with the voltage higher than 500W are forbidden in the dormitories.

  • The boarders should meet guests in the living rooms or in other announced spaces in the dormitory from 7:00 AM to 23:00 PM. The guests’ entering the boarders’ rooms should be permitted by Section of Student Guidance (in office hours) or Office of Military Education (before and after office hours, and on holidays and at weekends).

  • After the rooms in the dormitories have been assigned and distributed, transferring rooms privately without permission is not allowed. Changing and transferring rooms should be permitted by Office of Student Guidance.

  • Parking motorcycles and bicycles and keeping pets in the dormitories or in the rooms are forbidden.

  • Hindering other boarders’ studying and sleeping in the dormitories and rooms is forbidden.

  • Conducting business activities in the dormitories is forbidden.

  • The boarders should keep the dormitory environment clean. Placing and storing personal belongings on the terrace or in the public areas in the dormitories are forbidden.

  • Altering the original facilities and equipment in the dormitories is forbidden. The one who breaks or loses the original facilities and equipment will have to pay for the damage or loss according to their prices.

  • Appropriating the public property and facilities in the dormitories is forbidden.
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