Regulation for Absence 

Regulations for Absence

Amended by the Student Affairs meeting in 86.1.14
Amended by the Student Affairs meeting in 93.3.30

 1. Students have to apply for permission of absence according to these regulations.


 2. Students who can not come to school or join activities should apply for permission of absence according to these regulations.


 3. Category of leave and its conditions:

a) Leave of sickness: hand in the certificate of sickness within three days.

b) Leave of affairs: hand in certificates of parents or guardians or other certificates.

c) Leave of business: approval or signature of school administration or the activity manager, military service (school organizations are not included)

d) Leave of funeral: funeral of lineal relatives of students (and marital mate)


 4. Authority of permission:

a) permission of the teacher within three days

b) permission of the dean within a week

c) permission of the leader of student committee in one week

d) to prolong the leave is supposed to be on the basis of the procedures

e) Leave of exams should be approved by the teacher. Leave of registration or examination should be approved by the Student Committee.

f) Leave of business should be approved by the management, or would be regarded as leave of affairs; moreover, if it affects academic performance, the management has to be responsible to it. If necessary, the teacher has to make up the class for the students.


 5. Procedures of applying for leaving:

a) Take the application form, and attach it with certificate and approval.

b) Application of absence should follow the rule 4 and handle it step by step.

c) After the approval of the absence, the paper should be signed by the Division of Student Conduct and Housing Service to make it valid.


 6. Notice:

a) One can only apply for one kind of leave before the day of absence. If commission another person to manage the application, the date of stamp is the evidence to be taken account.

b) Except for the serious accident or sickness, the leave of class can not be made up. If anyone wants to make up for the leave, the process has to be done within three days.

c) Anyone without approval of leave will be regarded as absence of class. People come back to school before the end of vacation and already cancelled the vacation; the actual days of vacation will be accounted.

d) Students apply for the leave of class between two holidays in schedule of school calendar should ask the approval of the dean.

e) The students in the following situation will be discontinued the schooling:
i. The leave of class occupied one third of the semester.
ii. The students who has disease and will not recover in six weeks through the proof of the certificates of the public hospital.

 7. The regulations and any amendments thereto shall come into effect after being approved by the Students Affairs Meeting.



a) The form has five columns (department, name, date, course, period, and the teacher’s name), as detailed as possible.
b) After the approval of leave, take back the paper, and send each column to the teacher and the committee.


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