Living Expenses & Housing

Living Expenses (food, transportation)

Living Expenses : NT$ 70,000 to NT$ 100,000 per year



There are 16 student dormitories with more than 1,900 rooms which can accommodate up to 6,000 students. 59 percent of students have the opportunity to lodge at the dorms. Telephone facilities and internet access are available in every room to reach out and/or surf the internet. There are also public spaces such as lounges, reading rooms, gyms, table tennis rooms for recreation, entertainment, and study. 

 On-Campus Housing

The following rates (in NT$) apply to the 2007 academic year; the rates are subject to change annually.

Undergraduate / Room for 4 people
   Each Semester  Summer Vacation  Winter Vacation
 Male  3670~5250  2680~3640  810~1160 
 Female  3670~5770  2680~3960  810~1280
   Fall Semester (Sept. 1~Jan. 31)

 Spring Semester (Feb 1~Aug~31)

 Male  4970~8290  6950~11600  ( Room for 2 people) 
 Female  6810  9530  ( Room for 4 people)

Air-conditioning fee is not included (Estimate: NT$1,100).


 Dormitory Regulations
  1. Please keep the voice down and be respectful of the rights of other students.
  2. Drinking, gambling, fighting, and smoking are strictly prohibited.
  3. Students should not tamper with electrical fixtures and built-in furniture, other than the ones allowed such as lamp, hair-dryer, fan, radio, shaver, and computers.
  4. Re-renting the room is not allowed.
  5. Office of Student Affairs must be notified if any bed or room switch.
  6. No bicycles and scooters in dorms.
  7. The resident will be responsible for keeping the room in a clean and well-maintained condition. Redecoration, alteration, remodeling and not permitted.
  8. Students will be responsible for taking care of the room furnishings. No public property should be removed form the room.
  9. Cooking, burning or bringing in cooking utensils in dormitory is prohibited.
  10. .Students will be asked to repair or replace any damaged items at their own expenses.
  11. No alcohol, tobacco, smokeless tobacco or other illegal substances in dorm.
  12. It is prohibited to entertain or accommodate visitors in your room.
  13. Party and pet are not allowed.
  14. At the time of withdrawal, the resident is responsible for returning the room in the same condition that it was when they entered the dorm. If for any reason this is not possible, a charge will be made for cleaning.
  15. Please do not violate the dormitory rules stated or intentionally, carelessly destroy dormitory properties.
  16. The check-out procedure should be started ONE MONTH before student’s departure; otherwise no deposit refund.
  17. Deposit won’t be issued while voluntary withdrawal.


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TEL:+886-3-425-4945 (International Students Affairs)/+886-3-425-4959 (Internatioal Cooperation)