Shuttle BUS

NCU ßà NTU(National Taiwan University, Taipei)


  1. Bus fare:  NTD 100  (Pay cash when aboard.)
  2. All teachers, students, and visitors are welcome.
  3. Schedule:

NTU à NCU (in the morning)

07:30 台灣大學正門(新生南路)

       NTU (Sec. 3, Xinsheng S. Rd.)

07:35 文大推教中心

       Intersection of Jianguo S. Rd (Sec. 2) and Heping E. Rd.

(just passing Heping E. Rd.)

07:40 中華郵政

Intersection of Jianguo S. Rd (Sec. 1) and Xinyi Rd. 

(bus station just passing Xinyi Rd.)

07:45 建國南路、忠孝東路口

       Intersection of Jianguo S. Rd (Sec. 1) and Renai Rd.

       (bus station passing Renai Rd.)

07:50 榮星花園

Intersection of Jianguo N. Rd (Sec. 3) and Minquan E. Rd.

       (just passing Minquan E. Rd.)

08:35 NCU


NCU à NTU (in the afternoon)


      NCU, K.T. Li Library (B1)

16:57 理學院 (語言中心)

       Language Center (B2)

16:59 機械館

Department of Mechanical Engineering (B3)

17:01 松苑餐廳 (國際處)

       Office of International Affairs (B4)

17:03 土木系 (工一館)

       Engineering Building 1 (B5)

17:04 地科院

       Collage of Earth Science (B6)

17:05 行政大樓

       Administration Building (B7)

18:05 NTU (Taipei)

via. Jianguo N. Rd. & Jianguo S. Rd.


Bus stops in NCU





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