Exchange students who will complete the exchange program this semester, please complete NCU Leaving Application Form and Questionnaires before June 26th or before your departure from Taiwan to your home country. Please visit some offices as mentioned in the application form for confirmation and submit it to OIA (Emma) after you complete it.


The questionnaire could be done online ( ) or

you may complete the file as attached and email to me or

submit the written one to OIA directly.


The NCU Leaving Application Form and Questionnaires could be collected from OIA too.


In addition, we will help you apply two English transcripts from the Registry Office in July, and it costs NTD10 per transcript and NTD20 for two transcripts. When the scores are complete, these transcripts will be sent to your home university in July or August. Thus we will collect NTD20 when you submit your NCU Leaving application form.


Please be noted if you don’t submit the NCU Leaving application form, it’s difficult for us to apply for your transcripts from the Registry Office. It will influence your transcript receiving procedures. Thus please complete the form before your leaving from NCU.


If you stay in the dormitory this semester, please go to the Dormitory Office at the International Student Dormitory to apply for dormitory withdrawal and deposit reimbursement one month before your leaving back to your country. 



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