New Degree Students


New degree students need to complete all the procedures of registration, including register online, health check, course selection, visa/ARC application, etc. For more information, please refer to the following instructions.


A. Orientation for New Degree Students



B. Visa and Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) 

Although some countries’ citizens are allowed to enter Taiwan without a visa, a resident visa is required for those who intend to study or work in Taiwan. If you come to Taiwan without a visa and want to apply for one, you will need to leave Taiwan obtain a visitor visa.


Resident visa holders should apply for ARC (Alien Resident Certificate) at local service center of National Immigration Agency within 15 days after arrival.


ARC applying procedures for students entering Taiwan with different types of Visa:


 Apply for resident visa and ARC


C. Insurance


  • Cathay Insurance


Students who just arrived in Taiwan are not eligible for applying NHI (National Health Insurance). You will have to join the Cathay Insurance for the first six months in Taiwan. 

With Cathay insurance, you can go to clinics or hospitals and pay the whole fee by yourself first. The coverage of reimbursement is as the below table.


Item Insured Value Remark
Clinic Maximum of reimbursement NT$1,000 (per day/visit) If the insured suffers an illness or injury and receives treatment at a hospital as an inpatient, the company will reimburse the following expenses incurred.
  Hospital  Maximum of reimbursement NT$1,000 (per day) The payment of benefit shall not exceed the limit of NT$120,000 (per hospitalization)


For the reimbursement application, please submit the following documents to OIA, so that OIA can send the documents to Cathay Insurance Company.

  • The receipt
  • The medical certificate (apply from the hospital/clinic)
  • Post office account book
  • Application form



  • National Health Insurance

After your first arrival in Taiwan, you need to stay in Taiwan for more than six months continuously. Within the six months, you can only go abroad for only once and less than 30 days. If you go abroad for more than 30 days or more than two times, the date you enroll in NHI will be recounted.

More explanation:

First arrive in Taiwan:  Sept. 10

                    + 6 months  (stay in Taiwan for more than 6 months continuously)


                    Mar. 10 -----> the date you join NHI (without going abroad after entering Taiwan)


Use Cathay Insurance instead from Sept. 10 to Mar.9.


Example 1:


Go abroad between Sept. 10 and Mar. 10 for 5 days, then the date you join NHI is Mar. 15.


(Mar.10+5 days)


Use Cathay Insurance from Sept. 10 to Mar. 14.



Example 2:


Go abroad between Sept. 10 and Mar. 10 for 30 days, from Nov. 1 to Nov.30. 


Nov. 30


+  6months (must stay in Taiwan continuously)


                                May 30 -----> the date you join NHI



Use Cathay Insurance from Sept. 10 to May 29.


Example 3:

Go abroad during Sept. 10 to Mar. 10 for 6 days, from Oct. 1 to Oct.6. And go abroad again from Dec. 15 to Dec. 25.

Dec. 25

                             +  6 months (must stay in Taiwan continuously)

                                Jun. 25 -----> the date you join NHI


Use Cathay Insurance from Sept. 10 to Jun. 24.



D. For more information, please refer to Handbook for 2018 Spring Semester




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